Out now: Annual Report 2014

As you can see on the following 95 pages, you – as a free, emancipated and confident citizen with the right to determine your own life – are the focus of our continuous engagement both in Germany and around the world. We as a liberal foundation have been standing by your side for more than 57 years, to protect personal life choices, to ensure a free business environment and to make our society more open and tolerant. A democracy needs democrats, in the same way that freedom needs freedom fighters, to be safe from those who despise it.

In 2014, we recalled the lessons learnt from German history and reassured ourselves of our responsibilities. Our Foundation is a consequence of the realisation that freedom and democracy have to be defended every day anew, and that teaching the value of freedom and democracy is the most effective way to advocate a free, democratic and tolerant society. We encourage you to continue working with us in our efforts to achieve an open-minded, free and tolerant Germany, and to help us to bring these values to other parts of the world. Please participate in one of our many events that take place at ten locations in Germany and more than 60 countries worldwide, as well as virtually at www.freiheit.org.

The annual report 2014 [download pdf] gives you a broad overview of our projects and the wide range of our activities. Welcome to the Foundation for Freedom!

Steffen Saebisch

Chief Executive Officer
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom


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