Since the first IAF seminar in February 1995, around 350 participants have been attending our international events each year. Our alumni become opinion builders as well as important associates for the Foundation’s international work. They strive to implement liberal ideas and set up networks in their own countries. Many have become successful politicians.


Liberal World Club


The Liberal World Club is the community of all participants of the IAF Seminars in Gummersbach.It makes it easy to stay in touch with seminar participants in order to discuss ideas and news. It creates opportunities for contacting alumni from other seminars.



Alumni Groups



The Argentinian Alumni Group has been organizing their activities since 2002 according to the needs and interests of members, working through a network without a formal structure. The group, which Includes the alumni from Uruguay and Paraguay, currently has about 65 members.



Flag_of_Cambodia.svgSince 1996, 41 Cambodians from 32 governmental and non-governmental organizations have been participating in IAF seminars in Germany – supported by The Friedrich Naumann Foundation. For many of the participants, the trip to Germany to attend this international event was their first overseas journey. The group aims to build on the positive experiences of the international events.




Flag_of_Egypt.svgThe Egyptian alumni group is a non-profit organization that aims to transfer liberal ideas, values, and code of ethics into specific action plans. The organization contributes to the development of individuals and institutions.




Flag_of_India.svgThe almuni group aims to go beyond the obvious and create deeper understanding; to meet at regular intervals and grow as a family of Indian liberals. The ultimate aim of the group – set up in September 2006 – is to have a positive effect on broader Indian society through fostering liberal politics. [MORE…]




Flag_of_Israel.svgSince 2004 the Israeli alumni have been engaged in an effort to get organized as a liberal action group. At a convention in June 2004, where more than 40 alumni gathered, the participants made a common decision to become active as disseminators of the liberal ideal in their society and region.




Flag_of_Malaysia.svgThe first Malaysian FNF alumni reunion witnessed the formation of a ‘FNF Alumni Network’ (FAN-Malaysia) to further promote liberalism in the country. The meeting was held at a college in the capital of Kuala Lumpur, alongside the first German Alumni Conference on March 11 and 12, 2006.




Flag_of_Pakistan.svgFreedomGate Pakistan (FGP) is the Pakistani network of all alumni of the International Academy for Leadership in Germany. FreedomGate Pakistan engages open-minded people in developing themselves and others. It creates a platform of expression through seminars, training and publications. FGP enables members to achieve their own potential and grow into leaders to build a better society. [MORE…]




Flag_of_the_Philippines.svgThe Philippine Friedrich Naumann Foundation Alumni Group is organized to further the development of liberal ideals and democratic processes discussed at the International Academy for Leadership (IAF). It not only serves as a network for Philippine alumni to keep in touch, but creates an opportunity for each of them to act as a possible resource in the advancement of the liberal movement. [MORE…]



Flag_of_Slovakia.svgThe Liberal Youth of Slovakia is a NGO actively working with liberal young people interested in working on liberal issues. The organization’s goal is to peacefully spread the principle message of liberalism to people in Slovak society. It is open to people of all ages.