Flag_of_India.svgThe network is spread out across all of India and is a virtual network.

Founded: 2006

Members: 158

Contact Person:

Ms Iris Madeira, National Coordinator, India FNF

Alumni Network (IFAN), Email: irismadeira@gmail.com; indiafnfalumninetwork@gmail.com




The network has met as a group three times so far (2006, 2007, 2008). Since then, active individual alumni members are being supported by FNF in spreading the skills and ideas in their local areas. IFAN members are spread across India in several locations and the IFAN website provides the space for virtual networking.

IFAN conducts meeting once in a quarter in any city of India, on demand from Alumnus. IFAN encourages its alumni in various cities to organize discussion workshops in their own cities on liberal perspectives on current issues. These discussions could take the form of book readings, talks, documentary screenings etc depending on the location and its context.
IFAN website: IFAN members have invested their own resources to design the IFAN website which is being developed by IFAN members to become a resource for sharing of liberal resources in India and abroad especially resources received during IAF trainings.
Networking with IFAN members/ organizations: IFAN through its meetings and virtual network has allowed IFAN members who work in similar issues/ geographical areas to connect with each other for joint programs and campaigns.
IFAN as the liberal voice for India: IFAN members have been signing up for online liberal campaigns on various issues including the Freedom2trade campaign.

The network is managed by an Executive Committee which is elected from among the IFAN members. The members of the Committee include the National Coordinator, Deputy Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer.