Flag_of_Pakistan.svgNetwork all over Pakistan

Year of Establishment: 2007
Amount of Members: 160+
Meetings: annually and around two workshops per month




Develop yourself!
Raise your voice!
Be yourself – lead!

– – – with FreedomGate Pakistan.

4f8ecd509ef2d_2010-11-11_Dzignet_-FGP-Logo-Web_with_TextFreedomGate Pakistan – or in short FGP – is the Pakistani network of all alumni of the Interna-tional Academy for Leadership in Germany. The Academy is one pillar of the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation. Pakistanis from all over the country, from all professions, from all strata of the society have been trained there. Young and old, women and men, tall and small are members of FreedomGate Pakistan, or as they call themselves FreedomGaters.

In FreedomGate Pakistan they develop themselves and others. Here, FreedomGaters find a plat-form of expression, in seminars, trainings and publications. With FGP they find their own poten-tial and turn into leaders.

In 2007 a group of Pakistani IAF Alumni got together and decided to keep the spirit of the Academy alive and to spread liberal ideas further in the society. Thus, FreedomGate Pakistan was born. Since then, FreedomGaters duplicate seminars, create own workshop and publish their ideas – be it in books, radio spots or films.

In Novemeber 2011 the Alumni met for the ninth time with support of the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit (FNF). Just outside Lahore they came together to exchange, to create and to plan their next year’s activities and publications. During a weekend full of energy, action, ideas and fun they took ownership of their network truly under their motto: FreedomGate Pakistan – Liberty with Responsibility. Here leaders are born.