Flag_of_the_Philippines.svgCity: Manila

Year of Establishment: 2002

Amount of Members: 150+

Meetings: quarterly

Contact: Alexandra Cuyegkeng: liberal@philippines.fnst.org

The Philippine Friedrich Naumann Foundation Alumni Group is organized to

further the development of liberal ideals and democratic processes
discussed in the International Academy for Leadership (IAF). It serves
as a network not only for Philippine alumni to keep in touch, but
creates an opportunity for each of them to serve as a possible resource
person in the advancement of the liberal movement. In cooperation with
the FNF Philippine Office, it organizes educational activities (every
two to three months) that provide exchanges and dialogues on issues of
national and international interest. The Group also helps promote the
various seminars and workshops of the IAF.

The Alumni Group is headed by a coordinator, who is elected from within
the group on an annual basis. It publishes, with the support of the
Foundation, an alumni directory every year and collects the IAF alumni
reports for posting in the Foundation Philippine Office’s Website.

The Philippine FNF Alumni Group discusses challenges facing liberals

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