Building a Community: Liberal World Club 2.0

Dear Colleagues,

Liberal World Club-01today we want to get back to you on one of our projects that we have been discussing & presenting for some time now:

Liberal World Club 2.0 (“LWC”)

This is a big project, that we would like to tackle together with you. Here is what you can help us with:

Your LWC 2.0 input





Together, we want to re-vitalize our online network of all IAF-alumni. Our goals are…

  • A secure, private space for exchange among an exclusive group of people, i.e. auf IAF-Alumni
  • A valuable ressource for political and NGO professionals
  • A ressource for your work: LWC will give you direct access to our >3000 person professional network that grows with every IAF course.
  • To involve as many alumni and colleagues in the process of building an using the platform (moderation etc.)

Why are we not doing this like “normal people” over established networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Xing or else?

  • We want a system that’s open source and “controlled” by us.
  • We want to make securre access for as many alumni as possible from ALL the countries.
  • Our alumni are family – not products. Most commercial networks see that differently.

For more information, please check out our latest Presentation

This will not be  a quick & easy process

Our new eLearning layout

Our new eLearning layout (click for zoom)

But a fantastic project to take our foundation on the path of becoming an interactively learning institution. We already have a working platform and are currently working on participants’ data in OPAL (to make sure that we can easily “book participants” with the right information). We want to start with a ~100 person beta phase 0n 01.01.2015 and – depending on how things are going – open the platform for all alumni in March 2015. FNF is committed to the project and our technical guys understand and support what we want to achieve with the plattform. We want to evaluate the platform in 11/2015 and then decide how to proceed while involving AS MANY STAKEHOLDERS AS POSSIBLE in the process. We need your help for this!



Liberalism: A source book for participants