How to Negotiate, Manage and Consolidate Coalitions – Programme for Political Partners from West Africa

Not long ago, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom welcomed a West African delegation from Senegal and Cote d`lvoire who wanted to be informed about how coalitions are negotiated, managed and consolidated in North Rhine-Westphalia. The programme aimed at giving the delegation members, who mostly had already attended a coalition training seminar in Dakar, some […]

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom mourns the loss of Dr. Guido Westerwelle

“With the death of Dr. Guido Westerwelle, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom lost a faithful friend, an important partner and a long-time companion, who personally and professionally promoted freedom over many years and with all his strength and who left us far too early.”, stated Prof. Dr. Jürgen Morlok, Chairman of the board of […]

Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights

There is rise in terrorism across the world, especially the Islamic State, which have taken over large tracts of territory in Syria and Iraq. This has led to the refugee crisis – millions of people seeking refuge in European countries including Germany, the venue of the seminar. The future of the Eurozone is in jeopardy. […]

International Visiting Program with delegation from Tunisia

A delegation consisting of seven representatives from the Tunisian liberal party “Afek Tounis” recently came to Germany to participate in a study trip on “New perspectives for Tunisia – EU/Germany relations”. The aim was to discuss the international relations with Tunisia with German experts in order to establish new contacts and networks for future cooperation. […]

Liberals and Education in the 21st Century – Common Woes and Diverse Solutions

  Enlightenment, participation and progress—these three powerful words were not just the title of the workshop on Education at the IAF. They also represented what the participants felt were the key objectives of education in the 21st century. And in light of increasing intolerance and radicalization, they added a fourth—peace. Heated arguments, passionate discussions and […]

Readings on Education

In our current IAF seminar on Education Policies we also distributed a variety of publications on various topics on education. Please feel free to download them here as pdf versions as well: ➤ An Overview of Parental Choice in Education in the United States (2006, Jennifer Marshall) ➤ Could the Globalisation of Education Benefit the Poor? […]

Transparent, accountable urban governance and administrative systems

Berlin, Cologne, Aachen amd Düren – these were the stations of the visiting program titled “Transparent, accountable urban governance and administrative systems”. The aim of the one-week program was to showcase how health, transport and finances are handled on the municipal level in the Federal Republic of Germany. “Respect for the rule of law is […]

Human Rights and Child Protection

On October 20, 1989 the United Nations General Assembly approved the Convention on the Rights of the Child, CRC. On September 2, 1990 it became effective. This document defined for the first time a worldwide standard for child protection and rights. 195 out of 197 countries endorsed the convention. An approval that largely outreaches all […]

Out now: Annual Report 2014

As you can see on the following 95 pages, you – as a free, emancipated and confident citizen with the right to determine your own life – are the focus of our continuous engagement both in Germany and around the world. We as a liberal foundation have been standing by your side for more than 57 years, to protect personal […]

Delegation of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Republic of Indonesia, visits Germany

  A delegation consisting of eleven representatives from the Public Relations Bureau of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights went to Germany on a Study Trip on “Democracy, Rule of Law and Human Rights: German International Cooperation”. After arriving in Germany the delegation was greeted with an opening dinner attended by H.E. Dr.-Ing. Fauzi […]

Visit: 50-Year Diplomatic Relationship between Germany and Israel

From May 14 through May 19, 7 representatives and officers of the HaTnuaParty, the Foundation’s counterpart, visited Berlin. The visit was conducted under the theme “50-Year Diplomatic Relationship between Germany and Israel” and concluded with the solemn inauguration of the photo show “Religion*Freedom*City”. Pictures were chosen from a photo contest held by the FNF in […]

Freedom of the Press 2015

The IAF International Seminar on Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Information 2015 took place from April 19th to May 1 in Gummersbach, Bonn, Cologne and Hamburg. Twenty-six participants from twenty-five countries world-wide explored the current state of media freedom in their respective countries and identified core threats like political oppression, religious fundamentalism, self-censorship and […]