A good school education for $10/month

An interview with the Indian education entrepreneur Ekta Sodha
A good school education for $10/month

”If you don’t come back home and help us with the school, soon there will be no legacy you will inherit from us“.


This call from her mother asking for help was Ekta Sodha’s kickoff in her entrepreneurial career. The two schools established and managed by her parents for 24 years were about to go bankrupt. After ending her postgraduate studies in International Leadership and Management at Newcastle University, Ekta decided to leave her career plans and also England behind. She flew back to India’s western coast, and joined the small family business in Jamnagar.

After deeply analyzing the problems of her parents’ school, she managed not only to upgrade the classrooms, but also the curricula and the teaching staff.

Ekta Sodha

“I knew I needed a clear vision, leadership, and a good opportunity management if I wanted to achieve my goal – and of course, a committed teaching staff with the right stamina”.

Ekta Sodha

Today –four years later– she manages six schools in the federal state of Gujarat with over 5,000 male and female pupils.

DIGITAL LEARNING, one of Asia’s leading education magazines, places her schools among the top five educational offers in Gujarat, a region with 60 million inhabitants: High educational quality at low prices. Her success has spread out very quickly. As Vice-President of the National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA), an association of more than 39,000 private schools in India, she now shares her vision concerning the best education for children from disfavored families. Her passion drives her to continuously look for new paths. Nowadays she is enrolled in a Ph.D. program with Professor Sugata Mitra regarding educational technology at the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences of Newcastle University, and researching ways to offer technological support to children striving for knowledge and education.

$6-10 for a good school education

The cost for a school place at Sodha’s schools varies from six US dollars at preschool up to ten US dollars per month at secondary or high school level. This includes both learning material and school meal – and, yes, after the deduction of expenses for the school’s own teacher training and equipment with computers (tablets), she still manages to make profits.

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